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About us

FN® Nano photocatalytic intelligent multi-functional coatings have exceptional environmental applications, especially air depollution, the creation of sanitary environments and the protection of exterior surfaces.

The advantage of having a permanent, non-exhausting oxidative potential on the coating anytime light is present, provides a great market potential in nearly any industry and can improve quality life and the health of any environment.

The high performance of FN® Coating is based on the use of a special binder that is accessible to the air and can keep the TiO2 (titanium dioxide) nano-crystals on the surface of the coating to maximize their effectiveness and fulfill their cleansing properties, even when the color component is added to the coating.

FN® Nano introduces this technology based solely on the physical effect of Titanium Dioxide as a replacement of use of dangerous chemicals and disinfection agents:

Instead of killing pathogenic microorganisms by using strong and carcinogenic chemicals, we offer preventive and permanent protection by the coating with no chemicals released into the environment. 
Instead of flu shots, we offer living in an environment wherein the concentration of airborne viruses can be reduced below the infection level. 
✔ Instead of temporary chemical UV absorbents breaking apart into other chemicals, we offer permanent UV protective coatings based on inert titanium dioxide. 
✔ Instead of masking bad odors with chemical scents and then breathing in both, we offer cleaning the air of odor molecules and breathing clean air without heavy scents and chemicals.
✔ Instead of a temporary short term chemical effects, we offer a permanent physical function activated by light.