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Greta Thunberg’s movement to shine a light on Global Warming and her challenge to world leaders to do something is inspiring. MACOMA, LLC. is answering that challenge with our FN® NANO Coatings. They are a cost-effective solution to global warming and are simple yet highly effective

A Simple Photocatalytic Product, invented in the Czech Republic and Manufactured in Nevada, has the Potential to Eliminate Air Pollution, Mitigate the Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Slowdown Global Warming. The World Health Organization (WHO) is ranking air pollution and climate change as first among the “ten threats

AMJTJ and Nano4People announced today that FN® Nano coatings will be exclusively used on liquid gas containers as protective coating. Nano4People, FN Nano and  AMJTJ developed a special composition of self-cleaning FN Nano Coating exclusively for the customer. It creates maintenance-free, self-cleaning surface, which will stay clean and microorganism free, saving the company money on frequent cleaning