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Protection of Historic Buildings and Monuments

FN® NANO Coatings provide effective and long-term protection against atmospheric dirt, microbiological attack and spoilage.

Historic Buildings and Monuments represent an important part of the cultural heritage.  At present, they are significantly damaged not only by the natural erosive effects of the natural environment but also by industrial influences.

FN® Coating is also suitable for use on listed buildings. It meets all conditions for materials used for the preservation of monuments and objects.

FN® NANO Coatings represent a breakthrough technology in the field of monument conservation. The coating layer, which is deposited on the surface of buildings, ensures the multi-functional protection of their surfaces against microbiological attack, against unnatural accelerated soiling by the deposition of soot and other impurities dispersed in the air and protection against the degrading effects ultraviolet radiation.

FN® NANO Coatings are good protection against water and water vapor, have very good adhesion and are frost resistance.  They are easily applied by standard procedures and if necessary, the resulting coating can be easily removed without damaging the substrate.  FN® Coatings are available in both transparent or white and pastel color variants. 

Only high quality inorganic pigments are used for coloring the pastel variants.  Coatings have a matte surface that corresponds well to the nature of mineral plasters and paints that are commonly used on listed buildings.  With the help of the FN® coatings, it is possible to create a highly permeable protective layer on the surface of the building which makes it difficult for graffiti to adhere and allows easy removal of graffiti by means of a brush and water.  The Anti graffiti protective FN® Coating layer, at the same time, effectively prevents penetration of the spray paint onto the substrate on which it is applied.

FN® NANO Coating is suitable for use on every building surface.

Active and long-term protection against dirt and the degrading effects of UV radiation

Highly oxidizing surface with strong self-cleaning effect activated by the sunlight.

Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Sticker effect

Easy to Remove without damaging the surface

Certified for concrete, masonry and mineral substrates (e.g. granite, sandstone, stone)

10 Years Guarantee!

Paskov Castle - Atrium and Facade of the Castle. The treated area of the facade has a self-cleaning and anti graffiti effect, prevents adhesion of dirt from the polluted air, and prevents the growth of algae and molds. These coated walls of the Paskov castle will also clean the air of harmful pollutants.


Anti-Graffiti Effect

Protection Against UV Light

More than 250 Pastel Shades

Functional Guarantee for 10 Years

FN® NANO Coatings protects our cultural heritage in modern civilization. Due to FN® Coating's ability to clean the air, historical monuments and objects can actively help improve air quality without compromising their historical and cultural value and authenticity.