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FN® NANO Coatings creates a healthier air environment reducing illnesses in schools and nurseries

FN ® Coatings improve the indoor environment and reduce morbidity in pre-school facilities and schools.  Thus FN® Coatings fulfills the 3 most basic functions:

Protection against dangerous substances indoors

Protect children and preschool staff from hazardous substances such as cleaning chemicals,  fumes from particleboard and plastic materials,  and toxins produced by bacteria housed in air conditioning systems.

Activated FN® Coating areas clean the air of molecules and microscopic particles of hazardous substances which other technology cannot cope withUltraviolet light  (UV), which is a natural component of daylight, activates TiO 2 (titanium dioxide) nanoparticles.  Once a molecule, a microscopic dust particle, a virus, a bacterium, a spore, reaches the activated TiO 2 nanoparticles, it catalyzes (induces and accelerates) the reaction of an oxidizable mass with air oxygen.  For example, organic substances decompose primarily becoming water molecules and carbon dioxide.  With the impact of another dose of UV radiation, the nanoparticles are immediately reactivated and the process can be repeated, practically indefinitely.  In this process photocatalysis also removes very dangerous substances; poisons, allergens and carcinogens.  

Protection from air pollution and vehicle emissions

Protect children and staff from emissions that penetrate the interiors of buildings from the outside and have a negative impact on their health.

The effect of the action is the same as described in the previous paragraph.   An activated FN®  Coating surface effectively degrades the dangerous substances contained in air pollution both in the form of toxic molecules, as well as in relation to fine dust particles (PM1, PM2.5, PM10).  It effectively disposes of of benz(a)pyrene, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and other substances that endanger human health.

Removing unpleasant odors

When cooking or using disinfectants and detergents, an activated FN® Coating surface degrades the unpleasant odor molecules that get into the air, effectively removing the odor.

Use of FN® Coating shows - Significant reduction in the morbidity of children in schools

The activated FN® Coating layer has, in combination with its extreme photocatalytic efficacy, a number of practical effects that can be utilized in pre-school facilities.  Experience and reports from a number of kindergartens shows that the use of FN®  Coatings in areas where children are involved leads to a reduction in their morbidity.

Furthermore, multi-year observations of the use of FN® Coatings, in a number of kindergartens in the Czech Republic, have shown a positive impact on reducing the number of respiratory diseases in children in classes where FN®  Coating technology is used Children in these classes show, in terms of attendance, an average of 30% less absence due to illness during the “flu” season than in classes where FN® coatings are used.

Remove viruses, bacteria and allergens

Creates a clean and healthy environment

Significant reduction in the morbidity of children in classes

Reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases

Removal of odors, allergens, toxins, viruses and bacteria

Long-term protection - a guaranteed service life of 10 years

Prevention of fungal occurrence and reduction of asthma risk

Prevention of Infections

Easy Application

350 Shades of Pastel Colors

Energy-saving Light Activated

10 Year Warranty

Healthier environment

Other sources of pollution and their solution:

Closed areas with many people are the ideal environment for disease transmission.  The higher the concentration of persons in one room, the higher the concentration of microorganisms that are brought into this space by every person.  The higher the concentration of pathogenic micro-organisms in any given area, the higher the risk of getting infected.  It all depends on how large the infectious dose of the disease agent one is exposed to and how strong ones immune system is.

The air we breathe inside of buildings contains a large number of allergens and many dangerous foreign substances that are released from paints, plastics, textiles, furniture, cleaning products and disinfectants.  If the building has an air-conditioning system, the  air may be contaminated with bacteria and molds that settle in their air-conditioning ducts.  In addition, the colony of these bacteria and molds secrete a number of dangerous substances into the air.

Children themselves may be carriers of a large number of infectious microorganisms.  As a result, the air in nurseries and schools may contain high concentrations of these microorganisms increasing the risk of transmission of infections.  Moreover, air pollution naturally penetrates the interior of buildings.  This is especially true for any urban area.  The health of the human immune system is also negatively affected by even extremely low concentrations of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, aromatic hydrocarbons, ground-level ozone, benz(a)pyrene, and tars produced mainly by automotive transport and the burning of fossil fuels and waste.

FN® Coatings will help solve this poor air quality problem in your nursery, school or university premises.  Your clients – parents and their children – can be given cleaner and hence healthier air!