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Indoor Air Quality is essential to enhance productivity, decrease absenteeism, increases your building’s value and reduces liability.

Air quality in offices

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.  Understanding and controlling common indoor pollutants can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.

The detrimental health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or possibly even years later.

FN® NANO Coating – the solution to air pollution – “BREATH SAFE AND CLEAN AIR”


Air quality is very important for our health

Office space painted with our photocatalytic FN® Coating, illuminated by UVA light becomes cleaner and healthier.  Once sunlight or the indoor equivalent hits the FN® Coating painted wall or ceiling, it activates and immediately begins to perform its cleaning and air purifying function.

You get a highly efficient, trouble-free, environmentally friendly, noiseless and cost-effective air purifier!  Light is used to drive it, an there is no need to replace filters or for other maintenance.  Its lifetime is 10 years or more, as long as ultraviolet light is provided and there is no mechanical removal or overlaying of the FN® Coating.

Ecological solution

Using the power of Titanium Dioxide, is an ecological solution – without chemistry it works on a purely physical effect.  FN® Coatings can be used in large office spaces or any open public space, etc., are very useful in fighting influenza epidemics, and can significantly reduce employee morbidity.  Unlike commonly used HVAC systems that can spread viruses and can infect the entire staff of an office, there is no risk of spreading bacteria, molds, fungi, etc., when purifying the air with FN® Coatings.

Economic Solution

FN® Coatings are not just paint.  This is the means by which you can change every wall and ceiling into an efficient nanotechnology air purifier.  Unlike electro-mechanical air cleaners, FN® Coating’s “work” happens completely noiseless, maintenance-free, with a minimum cost of operation (only if artificial UVA lighting source is necessary).

Its functionality is long-lasting.  Unless the surface FN® Coating layer is mechanically removed or covered with other material and/or the ultraviolet light is affected, it can work for decades without problems.  The installation costs of the FN® Coating is comparable to that of standard air purifiers.   But, unlike them, FN® Coating can deal with extremely small concentrations of some foreign substances that these purifiers cannot handle.  It does not provide dust filtration or air ionization.  Ultimately the operating costs of the FN® Coating is significantly cheaper than using traditional air purifiers .

What FN® Coatings can do:

Eliminates odors, allergens, toxins, viruses and bacteria

Reduces the risk of transmission of infectious diseases

It greatly reduces morbidity during flu epidemics

Purifies low concentrations of undesirable substances

Creates a clean and healthy environment

With FN® NANO Coating you can achieve a healthy indoor environment even in large office buildings

Effective Prevention of Infections

Eliminates Odors and Allergens

Energy-Saving Light Activated

350 Shades of Pastel Colors

10 Year Warranty

FN Coating can significantly reduce morbidity during flu epidemics

Efficiency of FN ® functional coatings

The photocatalytic ceiling and wall surface created by FN ®  coatings is able to eliminate the foreign substances that enter the air from plastic, furniture, linen, carpets, detergents and so on. Effectively Works on their extremely small concentrations, with which other technical means can not be counseled. In modern buildings where the windows are equipped with special filters that do not leak the ultraviolet component of daylight, it is necessary to provide a cleaning function of the created photocatalytic surface by its UVA illumination from an artificial source.

 Everywhere where FN ® functional coatings are installed in the interiors , and ultraviolet light enters the surface, the risk of disease transmission is reduced. Tests by health institutes have shown that the activated FN ®  surface effectively prevents microorganisms from settling and growing there. Minimizing the amount of microorganisms on surfaces of painted FN ® means a total reduction in the concentration of microorganisms in the room and thereby reducing the risk of transmission of diseases.