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We manufacture reflective nano-paint

The amount of energy reflected by a surface is called albedo. The higher the albedo, the more solar energy is reflected into space. Lighter colors, such as the white of snow, have a higher albedo and thus reflect more solar energy and have a cooling effect. The opposite is true of dark colors, which absorb the sun’s heat. Therefore, coating a surface with a high albedo product cools the surface. This concept is not new, as evidenced by historical practices in warm climates like Greece. However, not all white paint is equal.
The development of highly reflective paints by MACOMA represents a modern advancement in this ancient wisdom.
By applying these highly reflective paints to rooftops and exteriors, MACOMA aims to reduce the surface temperature of buildings significantly. This, in turn, helps to cool the surrounding area by reflecting more solar energy into space rather than absorbing it into the building materials. The cooling effect extends beyond just the building’s exterior, as it can also enhance the comfort of interior spaces by reducing heat transfer through walls and roofs. This can lead to decreased reliance on air conditioning, resulting in energy savings and potentially reducing carbon emissions associated with cooling systems.
The superior reflectivity of MACOMA’s paint, surpassing even that of snow, highlights its effectiveness in combating the urban heat island effect. This innovation represents a practical and sustainable solution to address the challenges posed by increasing urbanization and climate change, promoting energy efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.


We manufacture indoor air purification systems

At MACOMA, we have developed an air purification system that uses the power of light to clean the air continuously and passively within any building or home. Our system is an upper-room disinfection strategy that uses minimal energy while ensuring clean indoor air.

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