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Reflective Nano-Paint & Photocatalytic Products

MACOMA Cool Roof

Provides greater comfort to your home or business and minimizing energy use by reducing or even eliminating the use of air conditioning refrigerant and producing large areas of solar reflectance. By producing these solar reflective surfaces, you will contribute to curbing global warming and you will also we qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) carbon (CO2) credits: for every 100 m2 you are offsetting up to 28 tons of CO2 emissions.

Cool Roof Rating Council Listing


Photocatalytic coating for exterior walls

This advanced technology allows you to break down greenhouse gases such as NOX emissions from transportation, low-level ozone, methane, malodors and more through application to building walls. Photocatalytic coatings also have built-in self-cleaning and graffiti removal properties, putting an end to costly cleaners or expensive painting services.


Air purification and disinfection system

Highly efficient it is ideal for any area where it is potentially dangerous to come into contact with Covid-19. Using revolutionary UVA-TiO2 photocatalytic disinfection, this patented system has been shown to completely eliminate surface traces of the virus in both hospitals and residential homes.
The research results of our products appears on the database product appears in the database of the
World Health Organization.

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