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MACOMA Cool Roof

Applied to the roofs of buildings, this solar-reflective nano-paint bounces solar heat back to the universe. Therefore, MACOMA Cool Roof prevents the overheating of roofs, thus keeping cooler temperatures in the interior of structures, saving cooling energy, and reducing or eliminating the emissions of hydrofluorocarbons from air conditionings.

Furthermore, Cool Roofs reduce the temperatures in the surrounding areas, reduce or eliminate the “urban heat island effect” and offset carbon dioxide emissions.    

Cool Roof Rating Council Listing


Photocatalytic coating for exterior walls

Self-cleaning properties

Breaks down:

NOX emissions from transportation,

Low-level ozone,



Upper Room Air Disinfection System 

Our highly efficient air disinfecting patented light system is installed just below the ceiling.  The light system is set to illuminate a photocatalytic surface coating that is applied onto the ceiling.  The action of the light passively disinfects the air in the room. 

The research results of our product appears in the database:
World Health Organization.

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